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With 50+ years of experience, we've custom built hundreds of bespoke hangars, all with different end-uses and project (or aircraft)-specific requirements and needs. One of the most crucial design decisions to make when developing a custom hangar, is what door is right for you? Things to consider include style, type, material, functionality, size, etc. We've culled together the important items to consider and things to note when making these decisions, to best support your experience and decision making. 



  1. Bottom rolling-ideal for large clear span (+100ft), heavy use hangars. Durable, dependable and classic design. These door systems require a substantially wider hangar than other door types.

  2. “Roll up” fabric doors-ideal for large clear span (+100ft). Unique, good for cold weather climates, can be more $$ than other door types, will require more hangar height than other door types

  3. Uplifting bi-fold doors are ideal for small to medium span, (</= 100ft). Easy to use, variety of manufacturers to choose from, and maximized clear width are a few strengths. These doors are limited to windy operation and require back up power should power be lost.

  4. Swing doors are another great option for small to medium span, (</= 100ft). Easy to use and very simple to maintain, maximize clear width and height. Will require a “object clear area” outside hangar when operating and will have more restrictive operating wind limitations than other door types.

  5. Manual stack doors are a very simple and low maintenance option. Ideal for small span hangars (less than 80’ wide and 18’ high). Maximize door height but does sacrifice width due to stacking volume. Manual operation simplifies operation but they do require some energy to open and close.


Looking for additional information or a review of your hangar build plans? We'd love to work with you to bring your vision to life. Get in tough with Centrex today by submitting an inquiry below and our team will work to construct and walk you through your step-by-step personalized plan forward. Let's get to work. 

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